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      Creators Name
      Aalto, Alvar [7]
      Adler, David A. [2]
      Aiken, William Martin [2]
      Alberti, Leon Battista [1]
      Ammann, Othmar Hermann [2]
      Anderson & Beckwith [6]
      Andreu, Paul [2]
      Andrews, Oliver [1]
      architect: 15th century cloister by Juan Guas (French, active in Spain, ca. 1430-1496), architect: chapel of S Segundo by Francisco de Mora (Spanish, 1546-1610), architect: Capilla del Cardenal library by Martín de Solórzano (Spanish, active 15th century), sculptor: retable, tomb of Bishop Alonso de Madrigal, sacristy altar by Vasco de la Zarza (Spanish, died 1524) [1]
      architect: 1997 terminal complex by Cesar Pelli (American, 1926-), architect: USAir Interim Terminal by Joseph C. Giuliani (American, 20th century) [4]
      architect: A. Page Brown (American, 1859-1896) [2]
      architect: Abel Cahen (Dutch, active late 20th century) [1]
      architect: Albert Kahn (American, 1869-1942), designer: geodesic dome by R. Buckminster Fuller (American, 1895-1983) [1]
      architect: Alexander Parris (American, 1780-1852), architectural firm: restoration by Benjamin Thompson and Associates (American, 1966-) [6]
      architect: Alexander Parris (American, 1780-1852), civil engineer: Loammi Baldwin (American, 1745-1807) [4]
      architect: Alvar Aalto (Finnish, 1898-1976) [1]
      architect: Alvar Aalto (Finnish, 1898-1976), architectural firm: DeMars & Wells (American, 20th century) [6]
      architect: Antoni Gaudí (Spanish, 1852-1926) [11]
      Architect: Arthur H. Bowditch (American, active early 20th century) [1]
      architect: Arthur H. Vinal (American, 1854-1923), architect: addition by Edmund March Wheelwright (American, 1854-1912) [3]