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      Creators Name
      Abbott, John R. [160]
      Adams, Howard, and Greeley [34]
      Adden & Parker [160]
      Allens & Collens [186]
      American [425]
      architect: Arthur H. Bowditch (American, active early 20th century) [21]
      architect: Charles Patch (American, active early 20th century), landscape architectural firm: Olmsted Brothers (American, 1898-1961), developer: Alfred W. Douglass (American, active early 20th century) [83]
      architect: Franz Joseph Untersee (American, 1858-1927) [7]
      architect: George Curtis (American, active mid-19th century) [2]
      architect: Harry Morton Ramsay (American, died 1962), sponsor: Boston Edison Company (American, incorporated 1886), developer: Newton Homes, Inc. (American, active early 20th century) [59]
      architect: J. Williams Beal (American, 1855-1919) [8]
      architect: Lewis Bacon (American, active late 19th century) [9]
      architect: original group of houses by Carl Koch (American, 1912-1998), landscape architect: Christopher Tunnard (Canadian, 1910-1979) [87]
      architect: Ralph Adams Cram (American, 1863-1942), architect: Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue (American, 1869-1924) [28]
      architect: redesigned by Arthur H. Schein (American, 1929-1983) [128]
      architect: Robert A. M. Stern (American, 1939-) [22]
      architect: Walter Pierce (American, 1920-2013), architect: Danforth Compton (American, active mid-20th century) [210]
      Architects Collaborative, Inc. [434]
      architectural firm: Architects Collaborative, Inc. (American, 1945-1969) [434]
      architectural firm: Haddock & Allen (American, active late 19th century), civil engineer: Charles F. Baxter (American, active late 19th century) [145]