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    • IBM - MIT Memory Conference of 22 September 1953 

      Papian, W. N. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-09-25)
      Joint IBM-MIT meetings were held at Project High on the 22nd of September to discuss the XD-1-2 internal memory.
    • IBM - MIT Memory Conference of September 9, 1953 

      Papian, W. N. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-09-11)
      Joint IBM-MIT meeting were held at MIT on the 8th and 9th of September to discuss the XD-1 internal memory. This memorandum lists people involved, items on which a common point of view was reached, and unsettled questions.
    • IBM engineering systems office concurrence meeting no.16 

      Morriss, B. E. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-02-28)
      Minutes of a meeting discussing the long-range radar and gap-filler radar input specifications, as well as minor modifications.
    • IBM Industrially Classified Information 

      Fahnestock, Harris (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-10-03)
      Memorandum on the handling of confidential information from IBM.
    • IBM Project HIGH Engineering Organization 

      Kromer, A. P. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-08-10)
      This memorandum provides information on the organization of Project HIGH as of Aug. 1, 1953.
    • IBM Publications 

      Kromer, A. P. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-08-07)
      This memorandum provides a list of all IBM publications which have been received by Lincoln Laboratory, available for reference in the Whittemore Library.
    • IBM Relations 

      Kromer, Arthur P. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-03-11)
      Memorandum on the location of International Business Machines Corporation personnel and organizations working with the MIT Digital Computer Laboratory.
    • IBM-SO concurrence meeting no. 24 held at Lincoln Laboratory, 14 April 1955 

      Giordano, J. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-04-15)
      Minutes of an IBM-SO concurrence meeting discussing auxiliary drum MCD specification for XD-1, specification of the AN/FSQ-7 auxiliary console for the production machine, display console side frame specifications, proposal ...
    • IBM-SO concurrence meeting no. 26 held at Lincoln Laboratory, 5 May 1955 

      Giordano, J. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-05-06)
      Minutes of an IBM-SO concurrent meeting discussing proposed specification for input pattern generators for XD-1 and XD-2, specification for the input pattern generator for the production machine, command post room in ...
    • IBM-SO concurrence meeting no. 28 held at Lincoln Laboratory 26 May 1955 

      Giordano, J. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-05-31)
      Minutes of an IBM-SO concurrent meeting discussing GFI monitor equipment for XD-1 and the production machine, auxiliary consoles specifications, card machine input-output duplex, tape power supply unit for AN/FSQ-7, auxiliary ...
    • IBM-SO concurrence meeting no. 30 held at Lincoln Laboratory 15 June 1955 

      May, J. P. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-06-20)
      Minutes of an IBM-SO concurrent meeting discussing duplex input MCD unit; LRI monitor specifications; display console specifications for AN/FSQ-7, XD-1 and production; and AN/FSQ-7 auxiliary console specifications for XD-1, ...
    • Improved memory cores produced in Lincoln Laboratory 

      Vinal, F. E. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-04-13)
      Recent memory core production in the Lincoln Laboratory pilot plant has offered an improved variety of cores for experimental project use. Typical characteristics are shown for these cores and the principal advantages to ...
    • The Incorporation of a Magnetic Matrix Switch into a Multiplanar Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory 

      Hughes, A. D. (MIT Department of Electrical Engineering, 1953-11-12)
      Master's Thesis Research Proposal on the Incorporation of a Magnetic Matrix Switch into a Multiplanar Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the problem of driving a large (64 x ...
    • Index to Project Whirlwind Publications 

      Fahnestock, Harris (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1947-10-26)
      Memorandum containing a subjective index to Project Whirlwind Publications.
    • The influence of chemistry on B-H loop shape, coercivity, and flux-reversal time in ferrites 

      Goodenough, John B. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1956-05-16)
      The factors which influence the shape of the B-H loop, the coercivity, the permeability, and the flux reversal time in ferrimagnetic spinels are considered on two levels: a macroscopic and an atomic level. To minimize ...
    • Information on Project whirlwind I as requested by Lt. Cmdr. Rubel, Research and Development Board, in letter dated 7 February 1949 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1949-02-15)
      Report answering questions on Whirlwind I as requested by Lt. Cmdr. Rubel of the Research and Development Board under Office of Naval Research Contract N5ori-60.
    • Information System of Interconnected Digital Computers 

      Forrester, Jay W.; Everett, Robert R. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1947-10-15)
      Report discussing in general terms some possibilities in the arrangement and use of high-speed digital computers for the for the analysis, evaluation and intercommunication of information in an anti-submarine naval group.
    • Initial Discussions on WWIA Block Diagrams 

      Hosier, W. A. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-07-07)
      Certain preliminary specification are set forth as a basis for further work on WWIA system.
    • Initial Testing of a Computer Electrostatic Storage System 

      Read, Richard Willard (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1951-04-23)
      Following preliminary tests of the individual Whirlwind electrostatic-storage tubes, 16 tubes were installed in a bank in the Whirlwind computer. This thesis report describes the initial testing of the bank as a system, ...
    • Inspection Trip of Computers on the Atlantic Seaboard 

      Ayer, W. H. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-05-25)
      During the week of April 22nd through May 2nd, a trip was made by W. H. Ayer and J. D. Bassett of MIT and J. Montgomery and W. Hughes of IBM to inspect the packaging technique employed in a dozen computers located between ...