The Charles J. Connick Stained Glass Foundation Collection contains approximately 5,000 job files. These records list the job number, date of completion or installation, location, size, description, and other details about the job. The Boston Public Library’s Charles J. Connick and Associates Archive holds the original documents. MIT's copies of the job files have been scanned, uploaded and made publicly available for searching.

To search by city, state, job number, or location (a specific organization, such as "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" or "First Presbyterian Church"), click on "Advanced Search" and select "Title."


  • Numbers are always spelled out, as in "First Presbyterian"
  • The word "Saint" is always spelled out, as in "Saint John's Episcopal Church" except...
  • If the word "Saint" occurs in a city name, it is abbreviated, as in "St. Paul, Minnesota"
  • State names are never abbreviated, as in "Massachusetts"

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