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    • X and Y Plane Drivers for WWII Memory 

      Shansky, David (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-02-26)
      A number of different schemes are being considered as possible candidates for the circuitry to be employed in the X-Y plane current drivers in WWII. Briefly, they may be classified as to the type of selection mechanism ...
    • X-Ray Equipment for Magnetic Research 

      Tuomi, D.; Vinal, F. E. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1954-07-29)
      After an examination of the manner in which x-ray techniques may be applied to a magnetic materials research program, the applications most meaningful to our particular interests have been selected. It is apparent that our ...
    • X-Y tests on memory plane units 

      Schallerer, J. W. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-04-11)
      Recent innovations in memory plane unit assembly made it desirable to install the Z and sense windings before the X-Y test could be performed. Sixteen unit planes were assembled and tested in different sequences in order ...
    • XD-1 evaluation, 13 July 1955 

      Crane, J. D.; Thompson, S. L. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-09-12)
      Second evaluation of the CD addressable drums performed on 13 July 1955.
    • XD-1 evaluation, 20 May 1955 

      Crane, J. D.; Thompson, S. L. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-06-08)
      The CD side of the drums was systems tested and was now part of the XD-1. However, as anticipated by the drum system engineers, the drums performed very poorly during the evaluation tests. The percentage of usable assigned ...
    • XD-1 system operation and results of system tests from 3 December 1955 through 10 March 1956 

      Watt, C. W. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1956-03-28)
      The reliability of the XD-1 system has in general improved since the last report was issued (Memo 6M-4100 covering November, 1955). Overall reliability - up from 89% in December to 95% in February. Mean-good time between ...
    • XD-1 test specifications 

      O'Brien, J. A. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-01-10)
      Description of the formation of a section within Group 62 organized to write test specifications for the XD-1 equipment to evaluate its performance.
    • XD-I Digit-Plane Driver 

      Shansky, David (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1954-05-28)
      A self-balancing bridge is utilized in conjunction with an "and" and an "or" gate input to satisfy the wave form and gating specifications on the driver for a magnetic core memory digit plane winding.
    • Z Plane Driver 

      Shansky, D. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-05-07)
      This memo outlines the specifications of the Z plane driver, estimates the total number of drivers required, and offers a tentative schematic diagram.
    • Z-Plane Driver (WWII Memory Digit Plane) 

      Shansky, David (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-03-27)
      Memorandum on planning for a memory address selection scheme, the Z-plane driver, and the Whirlwind II memory digit plane.