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    • Vacuum and Vibration Speed Assembly of Core Memory Planes 

      Guditz, E. A.; Smith, L. B. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1956-02)
      Memory units and matrix switches using new square-loop ferrite material increase speed and reliability of digital computers. Storage units with arbitrary-access and read-out time of five microseconds or less makes ...
    • Visit of Mr. R. L. Snyder 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1948-02-09)
      Memorandum from the Servomechanisms Laboratory research teams on a visit of Mr. R. L. Snyder of the University of Pennsylvania.
    • Visit of October 28, 1952, to Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey 

      Buck, Dudley A. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-10-31)
      On October 28, 1952, D. R. Brown, P. K. Baltzer and D. A. Buck of this laboratory visited the Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill, New Jersey, to discuss magnetic materials research with the following Bell men: R. ...
    • Visit to Burroughs, Philadelphia, on December 18, 1952 

      Paine, B. B.; Sutro, L. L. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-12-24)
      We visited Burroughs to observe the first pulse units manufactured there on our third order for equipment; to clarify some matter concerning delivery schedules, components, and circuit changes; to make sure that all the ...
    • Visit to Control Instrument Company and Subsequent Telephone Conversations 

      Brown, David R.; Sutro, Louis (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-08-04)
      The conversations covered three subjects: 1) the schedule of delivery of all the units on order, 2) inspection of completed Burroughs units, 3) testing of these units.
    • Visit to Federal Telecommunication Laboratories, January 23, 1950 

      Wieser, C. R. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory - ATCP, 1950-02-02)
      Current work on distance measuring equipment (DME) and omni-range systems was discussed. The DME accuracy specifications are ± 1/5 mile from 0-20 miles and ± 1% above 20 miles. An omni-range system under development is ...
    • Visit to IBM, October 23, 1953 

      Vinal, Francis E. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-10-28)
      The Tube Laboratory at IBM under Mr. John Little has received the assignment of investigating ferrite memory core production. During the past summer, the study was initiated and although the project is not as yet fully ...
    • Visit to IBM, Poughkeepsie, New York 

      Watt, C. W.; Paine, B. B. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-12-03)
      About one full working day was spent discussing component and production problems with the members of the Vacuum Tube Analysis Lab and with shop personnel. Emphasis was placed on trying to decide what phases of component ...
    • Visit to RCA Victor in Camden, January 14, 1953 

      Vinal, Francis E. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-01-22)
      The writer visited the RCA Victor Ferrite Plant and development Laboratory in Camden, N. J., and was favorably impressed by their staff's feeling for the problem as well as the facilities available in the laboratory. They ...
    • Visit to Remington Rand 

      Forrester, Jay W. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-05-12)
      Description of a visit by two Lincoln Laboratory staff members to the Remington Rand office in Washington and to see the ONR Logistics computer at George Washington University.
    • Visit to Sperry Gyroscope Co. (C. R. Wieser, W. K. Linvill) 

      Linvill, W. K. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory - ATCP, 1950-02-02)
      Sperry has built a 5000-megacycle, continuous-wave combined omni-range and distance measuring facility. Tests at Sperry indicate a range of 30 miles, azimuth accuracy ± 0.5 degree, distance accuracy ± 0.1 mile. Multipath ...
    • Visit to the 1101 Computer 

      Taylor, Norman H. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory - ECD, 1951-07-11)
      A one day visit to ERA's 1101 System is discussed. The system seems to be very reliable and is in use 90-95% of the time scheduled. Marginal Checking is used with filament voltage as the method of voltage variation. This ...
    • Visit to University of Illinois and Engineering Research Associates 

      Forrester, Jay W.; Everett, R. R.; Taylor, Norman H. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1951-01-22)
      Memorandum on a visit by project Whirlwind I research teams to University of Illinois and Engineering Research Associates for a demonstration of the IAS computer, discussion of ERA's computer experience and its relation ...
    • Visitors 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory - ECD, 1948-12-21)
      Administrative memorandum from Electronic Computer Division research teams on visitor policies.
    • Visitors 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-07-15)
      Visitors to the Laboratory who are not necessary to laboratory business should have their visits approved by Proctor. Grouping of visits will be arranged when possible. All requests by such visitors fqr literature should ...
    • Visitors to Group 62 

      Taylor, N. H. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-06-16)
      Memorandum on policies for clearing visitors to Group 62 through Mr. Forrester's office.
    • Visitors to Project Whirlwind 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1948-11-02)
      Report listing the visitors to the M.I.T. Servomechanisms Laboratory showing present interest in digital computing equipment.
    • Visits to IBM 

      Kromer, A. P. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 2009-06-12)
      Memorandum on procedures for advance notification of visits to IBM.
    • Visits to: Engineering Research Associates, St. Paul, Minnesota; Aircraft Radiation Laboratories, Wright Field, Dayton Ohio; General Precision Laboratories, Pleasantville, New York; and Federal Telecommunication Laboratories, Nutley, New Jersey 

      Rich, E. S.; O'Brien, J. A.; Taylor, N. H. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory - ECD, 1950-01-06)
      Report discussing the impressions gained on visits to several laboratories and a general evaluation of what they are doing as it may apply to the future activities of Whirlwind.
    • West Coast Trip, July, 1953 

      Buck, Dudley A. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-07-31)
      A recent trip to the West Coast included visits to several laboratories engaged in the development of magnetic materials for digital-computer applications. Evaporated molybdenum Permalloy cores at NBS, Corona, have rectangular ...