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    • Cape Cod System and demonstration 

      Wieser, C. R. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1953-03-13)
      Report on the Cape Cod experimental air defense system testing and demonstration held on 13 March 1953.
    • Central computer evaluation no.2, February 28 - March 14, 1955 

      Thompson, S. L. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-01-27)
      On 1 March 1955, a new memory element was to be added to the computer. The evaluation procedure was set to duplicate the procedure used from 14 February to 28 February 1955, except that the memory test programs used during ...
    • Central computer evaluation, February 14-28, 1955 

      Crane, J. D.; Thompson, S. L. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-01-25)
      From 13 February to 28 February 1955, the performance of the central computer was monitored by studying log entries and by carrying out a series of tests on 28 February. Mean good-time and the per cent of assigned time ...
    • Central computer evaluation, no.2, March 7 - 18, 1955 

      Thompson, Samuel L. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-03-14)
      The second central computer evaluation test was to take place on March 18, 1955. During this test, special emphasis was to be placed on testing the memory. Less shock test was to be done. Otherwise, the test was to be the ...
    • Change In Laboratory Name 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1951-09-20)
      Administrative memorandum from Digital Computer Laboratory research teams on changes to the laboratory.
    • Changes and additions to laboratory personnel list 

      Division 6 Administrative Staff (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1955-07-20)
      List of changes and additions to Division 6 personnel at Lincoln Laboratory in July 1955.
    • Changes in Internal Storage and Computing Time Allocation Given in M-1913 (Supplement to M-1815: 1953 Cape Cod System) 

      Walquist, R. L. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1953-05-07)
      The North Truro CPS-6B is to operate with a scan time of 12 seconds in the 1953 Cape Cod System. The major computing frame for the data processing program will also be set at 12 seconds. A redistribution of ES has been ...
    • Changes in Prototype or Production Machines 

      Dodd, S. H.; Everett, R. R.; Taylor, N. H. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1954-07-28)
      The XD-1 and XD-2 Systems have reached a point where changes cannot be made unless mandatory to insure operation. The production design is approaching a similar stage and any suggestions for changes should be made soon.
    • Circuits for Marginal Checking 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1947-12-31)
      Memorandum from the Servomechanisms Laboratory research teams on circuits for marginal checking.
    • A Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory Cell for the Storage of Digital Information 

      Papian, William N. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-04)
      A small, ring-shaped, ferromagnetic core with properly "rectangular" B-H characteristics may be operated so that its flux polarity reverses only when the correct combination of two or three magnetizing windings are ...
    • A Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory Unit 

      Papian, William N. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1950-09-08)
      Because it presents information of general interest, this thesis report, which has had only limited distribution, is being issued as a Project Whirlwind R-series report. Any new data-storage development which suggests ...
    • A Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory Unit 

      Papian, William N. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1950-09-11)
      This memorandum contains the abstract of Report R-192, a Master's Thesis, by W. N. Papian.
    • A Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory Unit 

      Papian, William N. (MIT Department of Electrical Engineering, 1950-01-24)
      Master's Thesis Proposal: A Coincident-Current Magnetic Memory Unit.
    • Comments on BTL Report #3 to ARDC: "the ground environment problem in air defense: an appraisal of the Lincoln Transition System" 

      Lincoln Laboratory Research Staff (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1954-01-26)
      In response to the Bell Telephone Laboratories report entitled "The Ground Environment Problem in Air Defense: An Appraisal of the Lincoln Transition System," which called military attention to possible Transition System ...
    • Comments on the IBM 701 computer 

      Corderman, C. (MIT Digital Computer Laboratory, 1952-11-04)
      Memo presenting the observations of Division 6 staff after a visit to IBM at Poughkeepsie for the purpose of studying and evaluating the 701 computer.
    • Comments on the Report of the AD HOC Panel on Electronic Digital Computers of the RDB Committee on Basic Physical Sciences 

      Forrester, Jay W. (MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory, 1950-01-13)
      Memorandum analyzing the comments of the AD HOC Panel on Electronic Digital Computers of the Basic Physical Science Committee of the Research and Development Board as they specifically relate to Project Whirlwind.
    • Committee-236 meeting minutes (fifth meeting, 15 February 1956) 

      Rich, E. S. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1956-02-24)
      Minutes of the Committee-236 meeting discussing ESS problem areas outlined in 6L-242, group responsibilities and schedules, extension of scope of Committee 236, ESS maintenance coordination planning, over-all test program, ...
    • Committee-236 meeting minutes (fourth meeting, 25 January 1956) 

      Rich, E. S. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1956-02-14)
      Minutes of the Committee-236 meeting discussing progress report on work of ESS planning staff, demonstrations of ESS operation, ESS systems engineer, simultaneous live interceptions in ESS, GE data link, and phone lines.
    • Committee-236 meeting minutes (sixth meeting, 21 February 1956) 

      Rich, E. S. (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1956-02-28)
      Minutes of the Committee-236 meeting discussing TIR release on Air Force operator requirements, ESS operator training, Cape Cod manning, ESS maintenance coordination planning, removal of manual height finders from ESS ...
    • A Comparison Between Square-Loop Metals and Ferrites for High-Speed Pulsed Operation 

      Brown, David R.; Buck, Dudley A.; Menyuk, Norman (Lincoln Laboratory - Division 6, 1954-02-04)
      Metals and ferrites with rectangular hysteresis loops are used in magnetic amplifiers, switching networks, and data-storage systems. In these applications, the large-signal pulse response is most important. To reduce the ...