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    • Cartoon for "The Return of the Native" Window 

      Connick, Charles J. (Repository: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States), 1930-1939)
    • Found (unfinished) 

      Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (Repository: Delaware Art Museum (Wilmington, Delaware, United States), 1854-1881)
    • Goat Wagon 

      Polke, Sigmar (Repository: Museum of Modern Art (New York, New York, United States) ID: 200.1996, 1992)
    • Gypsy Van 

      William Wright & Sons (1870-1899)
    • Horse Harnessed to Wagon 

      Lynch, Kevin; Kepes, Gyorgy; Bichajian, Nishan (Repository: Rotch Visual Collections, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States) ID: Kepes/Lynch Collection, 61.22, 1954-1959)
    • Housing in the Village of Zeleznech 

      Unknown (Unavailabl)
    • Planned City of Navi Mumbai 

      City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (1971-1972)
    • William Sutton Farm 

      Machado, Ernest M. A. (1890-1907)