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Aga Khan Visual Archive

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Aga Khan Visual Archive


The Aga Khan Visual Archive (AKVA) consists of over 120,000 slides and digital images of architecture, urbanism, and the built environment in the Islamic world, donated by students, scholars, and architectural firms. The images span a 30-year period and document historic and contemporary sites in the Islamic world, often depicting sites not found in any published resource.

The AKVA collection in DOME contains a growing selection of digitized slides and born-digital images from the Archive. It is also home to a small but growing collection of plans and drawings of sites in the Islamic world, found in public domain texts. For more information about the Aga Khan Visual Archive, or for further sources of images of the Islamic world, see the Islamic architecture subject guide.

Images are available for research and educational use. For information about reproduction for publication, refer to the Aga Khan Visual Archive site.

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